About us

The Royal Diving Club

The Royal Diving Club (RDC) is a distinguished diving facility that is part of the Luxotel Aqaba Beach Resort & Spa hotel. It was inaugurated by His Majesty the late King Hussein in November 1984. Situated on the southern part of the Jordanian coastline, the RDC enjoys a prime location just 17 kilometers away from Aqaba City.

Established with the goal of promoting diving in Jordan while maintaining high safety and technical standards, the RDC offers a unique opportunity to explore the underwater world. The club provides direct shore access to the Coral Bay Reef dive site, which is a part of the His Majesty protected reef system. This exclusive access is available only to guests of the resort, ensuring a privileged experience.

With a strong commitment to safety, technical expertise, and service excellence, the RDC staff at Luxotel Aqaba Beach Resort & Spa go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional diving experience. They adhere to the best applicable standards in the industry, ensuring that guests have a safe and memorable journey while exploring the wonders of the underwater realm.

In addition to the remarkable diving experience, guests at Luxotel Aqaba Beach Resort & Spa can also enjoy an underwater walk tour with a qualified Sea Trek guide. This unique opportunity allows guests to explore the underwater world in a different way, taking a leisurely stroll beneath the surface while accompanied by an experienced guide. Whether diving or embarking on an underwater walk tour, the Royal Diving Club at Luxotel Aqaba Beach Resort & Spa offers an unforgettable aquatic adventure for all guests to enjoy.

Coral Bay Reef

Coral Bay Reef is a sheltered dive site acting as a nesting site for fish and coral within the Marine Protected Area. At one end of the dive site there is a steep slope which gives way to a uniform reef system dropping down to 40m. Schooling blue stripe snappers and humpback snappers swarm around the pillars of reef outcrop and amazing topography is guaranteed. Octopus can also be found hiding amongst the whole reef system. Green turtles are often seen feeding on algae and sea grass whilst Hawksbill turtles enjoy sponges and soft coral growing on the reef system and sandy bottom. Coral Bay dive site offers rich and healthy table corals in big sizes with diverse marine life living in symbiotic relationships.